Friday, April 22, 2011


It’s 7 in the morning; an old lady about 40 years old is looking for my mother to settle the payment of my mother’s debt. This is one of the scenarios I remember every time debt comes to my mind. There are times when my mother hid from her creditors because she did not have the money. Most of the time, my mother’s creditors went home without a dime. After the third try, they were already furious saying nasty words about my mom. If only I have a lot of money, I’ll pay my mother’s debt. But I don’t. (A story from a blog reader.)

A lot of Filipino families experience the same when it comes to debt and finances. More often than not, money is the main problem. Because of lack of money, families fall down, tear apart and separate. Some of my friends have the same fate as the blog reader. I hope the opposite is true for you.

~Till then

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