Sunday, July 17, 2011

25 Ways to Reduce Spending without Feeling Miserable

Hello dear readers. I have been compiling tips that think are worth sharing. These are practical and easy to apply in our day to day lives. Hope you'll have time evaluating them and pick up lessons from the long list.

1. Dining out? Ditch that Soda!
If you are fond of dining out you better ditch that soda. Why? Because it increases the value of the food up to 25%. You don’t want to pay 30bucks for sugar and water, do you?

2. Single and renting? Have a housemate!
Renting a house is good as long as you keep the rent to a minimum. How to do so? Have a housemate/housemates. City services will also be divided when you do so.

3. Rent that dress or better Borrow that Dress
Who says going to a party is expensive? Renting is cheaper than owning that dress which you will only use once.

4. Rent that bag
Here’s a tip for a savvy party-goer who doesn’t want to bring the same old bag, rent it. And here’s another tip: Limit the party!

5. Buy in bulk
There are a lot of things that can be bought in bulk. Like those that are not perishable. But don’t overdo it. You don’t want loads of tissue papers in your storage room.

6. Shop less
Make grocery trips once a month or once every two weeks. Make your budget work.

7. Walk more
The minute your feet feels sore you’ll stop shopping for more. It’s a fun way to exercise also.

8. Carpool
Talk to your neighbor who owns a car. Negotiate the price and agree with the time. Less hassle compared to commuting.

9. Cell phone load? Try my 150php per month recommendation
I changed my service provider with a new one. It’s cheap at 150Php per month. Whenever someone text me using a different provider, I usually email them or Facebook them.

10. Cut internet connection (unless your job depends on it)
You don’t really need internet connection unless of course your job depends on it. You’ll be amazed by how much you can save by staying disconnected.

11. Traveling? DIY!
I have a supportive team when it comes to travel and leisure. We do it on our own and set our own budget. Great opportunity to explore the wonders of nature at a fraction of the cost.

12. Switch off
Switch off those appliances. Unplug them when not in use specifically television sets, radio and cellular phone chargers. They still consume electricity even at stand by mode.

13. Apply for a loyalty card
I have loyalty cards from SM and Shopwise. Who could have imagined that I can accumulate hundred of points with them. Points can be used to purchase anything inside their stores.

14. Cook
I love cooking but i don’t know if cooking loves me. I just serve what I eat and eat what I serve.

15. Don’t chase fashion
Chasing what’s fashionable can make you poor. Just stick with the basics and you’re good to go. No need to keep up with the Joneses.

16. Need to unwind? Park it up!
At this age of the malls, seldom do we see people go to the park. Well actually going to the park is a lot cheaper than staying at the malls. Try visiting the Eco Park in Quezon City. You will have a nice view of the La Mesa Dam there.

17. Run rather than pay a gym.
Few years back I sold my gym membership and ran on the streets. The calories I shed were the same but it’s a lot cheaper. Actually it’s free. I just need to buy a reliable pair of shoes to prevent my feet from getting hurt.

18. Haggle
When I am at the market I haggle. Sometimes it’s okay with the sellers sometimes it’s not. That’s okay with me. As long as I get what my money’s worth then haggling will never become an issue with me.

19. Buy used
Inspect when buying used items. If you are buying a used car make sure you have an expert accompanying you. They will make a good resource person.

20. It’s the thought that counts
Giving gifts doesn’t really need to be expensive. You have to understand your budget and work from it. Do not go overboard.

21. Trade
I like it when I can trade some of my things with my friends. It makes recycling easy.

22. Life is simple. Don’t complicate it!
Sometimes people complicate things. They buy things to impress people they don’t like. Most of the times bragging will put you down. Live a simple life. The happiest people don’t have the latest fashion or the latest technology. They simply are contented with what they have and focus on what is important.

23. You can survive without it!’ attitude
Yes! I can survive without the latest gadgets. I am more focused on the personal relationship I have with other people. Just always put this in mind and you'll be guided.

24. Treat savings as expenses
After receiving my salary, I put constant amount on my mutual funds. Then I allot money for the rent and city services. Constant amount saved each month can translate to millions after a few years.

25. Join a thrift group
It’s the friends that influence you. If you have thrifty friends, you will most likely become one. Choose your friends.

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