Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mid-Year Review on Finances

I made it this far. I am congratulating myself for a job well done. I really am doing very well and I think I deserve a pat on my back.
I was inspired by an article sent by Paul when we were still starting to manage our finances. The guy in the article saved 180,000Php in a matter of 9 months. He was just starting from work then. This guy really has discipline when it comes to handling his finances.
I am just your average employee. I earn what an average employee earns. I was not promoted nor had a big bonus recently. I made it possible through properly saving and investing my money. I stayed motivated and stayed focused on what I had to achieve this 2011. I didn’t have to go abroad to have this much in so little time.
No I was not penny pinching. Actually I had a total of 3 out of town trips already which includes a Mt. Pulag climb, a trip to Sagada and a camp-out in Calaguas.
I also have to pay my house rent and the city services.
What’s most exciting was the recognition I received from Paul when he found out how much I saved. A treat awaits, I think.
Now I can easily say, “Hello house and lot.”
This mini success I offer to the Great Lord for blessing me and my family good health and wealth. If you do good to other people, you will really be rewarded. Proven!
~Till then.

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