Monday, July 11, 2011

Credit Card Debt

You might wonder why I don’t discuss much about credit card debt in my blogs. That’s because I don’t really have anything to discuss about it. As much as possible I don’t want readers to incur credit card debts.
But still I feel the urge of giving something to you regarding this matter.
I have lots of friends who are digging themselves into credit card debt. They treat it as an easy way to get money. They have the motto “I want it NOW!”
But then one will realize that getting yourself in deep debt is a burden physically, emotionally and psychologically.
Here are a few steps to follow to avoid irresponsible consumer debt.
1. Do not use cash advance
The cash advance is there to mindset people that they have cash and it's ready to be splurged. Once you get the cash advance, the interest starts to tick.
2. Do not max out your credit limit if you cannot pay it in full on cut-off date
Use your card good as cash. Pay everything on or before the cut off date.
3. Avoid unnecessary expenses
4. Do not carry your credit card when you intend to shop
Most of the times people overcharge themselves because plastic is convenient. Oftentimes they miscalculate.
5. If you have an outstanding credit card debt, DO NOT borrow anymore.
Settle your debt first. Stop the urge.
6. Compute
Oftentimes people forget to compute. Your cellular phone has a calculator. Use it.
7. Pay On-time

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