Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saving Effectively: Pretend You are Paying for a House and Lot

If you have problems in saving money, here’s a tip: pretend you are paying for a house and lot or a car.

Many people are more effective when they are paying for a loan or a mortgage when saving money. It makes them more disciplined.

Applying it to the concept of saving money, pretend you have a mortgage amounting to 1M. This becomes your target savings. Then decide how many years to pay. Of course the longer the period you pay the smaller the monthly amortization but the higher the interest rate. Luckily in saving money the higher the interest rate the better.

Let’s pretend you don’t have any money to start with. But you plan to have a house and lot after 10 years. To start with you are required to give a down payment amounting to at least 10 percent payable within a year with no interest. Then the succeeding payments will be distributed over the remaining 9 year period at an interest rate of 6% (per annum).

Selling Price


Down Payment


Monthly Down Payment


Remaining Balance


Monthly Amortization


You may think that the computation is crazy because the monthly amortization is lower than what it should be. Actually it is. The difference of the monthly amortization presented to you by your real estate agent and my computation is their gain which translates to money working against you.

Now you can foresee that it is easy to accumulate one million Pesos in a matter of 10 years.

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