Friday, July 15, 2011

How to Organize

The best way to make everything work is to organize things before it happens. That’s the reason why we have wedding organizers, event coordinators and career planners.
Today we will talk about organizing our lives through organizing small details in it. The technique written here is not only applicable to finances but also to everything.
6S Technique
Popularized by the Japanese

1. Sorting

Distinguish between those things that are needed and not needed. Keep only needed materials and throw away all unnecessary items immediately and properly.
Another thing is to donate the things that are not needed.

2. Set to Order

Put things in right order in designated areas with labels. Use the right storage facility for the materials involved and organize according to frequency.

3. Shine (Cleanliness)

Problems are more visible when everything is neat and clean. Clean as you go.

4. Standardize

Follow standards in lay-out and purchase of any furniture and accessories.

5. Sustain

Ensure that gains are held and continue to be made.

6. Safety

Follow safety procedures at all times. Report any unsafe conditions immediately. Make safety a priority at all times.

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