Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chocolate de Batirol (atchaka meron pa)

“it was raining so hard and I was in a training room just sitting not really listening to the speaker. Whenever it rains I miss Baguio. I want to sip a cup of batirol with hubby Paul. Pa, let's do this in baguio while sitting on a bench and reminiscing our college life.^_^”

Posted on Facebook last June 26, 2010

Mission Done!

This was the first place we visited during our short stay in Baguio City because I really want to experience batirol. My friend Vanessa Pacson told me about it back when we were in college but we never had the time to visit.

Paul never checked my itinerary. He just asked me where we were going. I told him we will go to Camp John Hay (CJH) to have a snack and that’s it!

Chocolate de Batirol is near Gate 2 of CJH. Gate 2 of CJH is near Baguio Country Club. At first I thought it was near the botanical garden.

We passed by Manor Hotel and Mile Hi Center. The driver dropped us in front of a hut. I never expected that the place will be this unique. Imagine a hut inside CJH. How humbling.

You can have your chocolate with flavors. Cinnamon was really inviting but I had to suppress the feeling because I want to experience the plain one.

Paul didn’t like the chocolate much because of the after taste. But I think that’s what makes it special. Next time we will try it with flavor.

Here are some pictures we took while we were sipping a cup of batirol in Camp John Hay Baguio City. We also tried their pancit palabok to match the chocolate. Very nice combination for an afternoon delight.

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