Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our 200 Peso-worth of Onions

One Saturday afternoon, when Paul and I were near a supermarket, I suddenly remembered that we do not have onions anymore. Without a fuss we went to the supermarket straight to the onion section and grabbed 2 packs. We were talking about dinner when we realized that we do not have butter and lemon for the dish that night. So we picked a bar of butter and 2 pieces of lemons and headed toward the counter. We will have a movie marathon that afternoon so we decided to pick up some snacks. We were amazed when we paid for our items. Our receipt read 200.30 pesos. We laughed while walking away from the grocery store. “How expensive the onions were.”, we exclaimed.

This only proves that if you do not plan for your purchases, the store will plan for you.

~till then

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