Thursday, September 2, 2010

Forest House

We were supposed to eat dinner at Oh My Gulay on our first night. Unfortunately Oh My Gulay closed early that Sunday evening.

Paul didn't have a choice but to dine with me at Forest House located along Loakan Road. As if I gave him other options. Ha ha!

There were a lot of restaurants in SM Baguio but we opted for something special. It was his first time in Baguio City after six months anyway.

We rode a taxi going to Forest House. It was already 8pm then and the weather condition made it hard for us to commute.

I love the place. The ambiance was homey. The waiters were accommodating. Even the tables were inviting.

I was supposed to take pictures of their souvenir shop but Paul said we should find a place to sit first. I never had the chance to take pictures of their cute souvenirs because we were seated far from the shop.

We were among the first few to dine here. I think only four tables were seated including ours earlier that night. When we finished our dinner I noticed that almost all of the tables were occupied.

We ordered the Forest House Bouillabaisse (Paul’s favorite), Sesame Crusted Fish Fillet and Forest House Salmon.

The experience and the food were g

reat. I never knew there’s a place like this in Baguio City. I’m so glad we had dinner here.

I will surely dine at Forest House again.

Here are some pictures from our Forest House experience.

~till then

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