Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How I became a saver from being a spender?

I was 24 years old when I finally realized I am not saving enough for my future.
I read books and articles about saving money and apply it for quite some time but then I lose the drive whenever I see something from my favorite stores.

I was raised in a mindset that having branded things will make me look and feel good. There was even a part of my life that I compute everything I wear before leaving the house. I loved going to those "branded" shops. It made me feel good. Typical shopaholic huh! hehe. I realized I was like this when I attended a Christmas party and amazingly I can tell the brand and the price of the dresses of the ladies. I can even tell where to buy those items. hahaha...

A sad event made me realize that branded shoes, watches and dresses can't help me at times of emergency. That is why from then on, I promised myself I will save every peso I can and be financially independent before my 35th birthday.

Here are the small and big steps I took in order to achieve my goal.
1. I modified the way I think. Being rich is not equal to brands.
2. I freed myself from debt.
3. I save money regularly. I started small but I know I will end up BIG.
4. I have a clear goal in mind whenever I save.
5. I learn the art of investing money.
6. I changed my environment. I affiliated myself to a community that will help me reach my goal.
7. I freed my closet from the clutter I accumulated and start living simply.
8. I cancelled my gym membership.
9. I moved to a lesser expensive house.
10. I put up my own business.
11. I have a partner who helps me reach my short term and long term goals.

Now I am 25 years old and I am happy to say that I am now saving and investing regularly, I continuously build up my emergency fund, I already have my long term health care plan, I already have 4 mutual funds, I am into stock market also and I have a business of my own.

~till then

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