Saturday, September 25, 2010


I was looking forward to see this place on our next visit to Baguio and I almost dragged Paul to accompany me.

We were so tired from our trip and will begin our endless meetings in about two hours and he just wants to stay in a place where he can rest.

He even asked me, "What are we supposed to see there?" And I replied, "A lot."

I was at the verge of getting mad when he said "Ok." Ha ha. That was a sweet victory.

PNKY is located at Leonard wood in front of the famous White House and very near 50's Diner.

The staff of PNKY were very accomodating. One staff led us to the showroom which is located at the second floor of the house. Everything in there was for sale. From the sofa to the paintings, chairs, tables, candle holders, cabinets up to the small decor had tag prices.

If only I had extra money that time I would buy a cute necklace or a wooden craft.

The bed and breakfast has 5 rooms. We were lucky to have a look at one of their rooms. I think staying here would be relaxing.

On the side of the bed and breakfast is the PNKY Cafe.

Lots and lots of colors here. The concept was very European and very unique. Of course everything you see is also for sale.

We just had our breakfast before going to PNKY so having a full meal is out of the question.
But i wanted to try something from this Cafe so I ordered ginger tea with lemon grass. The tea was made special because it was served with a small cup of honey. How lovely!

Enjoy some pictures we took during our brief stay at PNKY.

Hope to be back there soon.=)

~till then

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