Sunday, September 12, 2010

Staying Connected

I always want to be connected with friends and love ones. To do so, I have the following options: phone calls, short message sending, emails, online chat and social networking.

Our way of communicating to other people has changed drastically. When I was a kid I used to write letters to my friends. It would take days, weeks or even months before I can get a reply. Waiting is painful but I enjoyed it. For urgent messages telegram was used. Whenever we receive a telegram my heart trembled because I knew it was always bad news. Logic? Why would somebody send a message through a more expensive way when you can just send it through regular mail. I think telegrams were paid per word or per letter. I’m not really sure.

I was in third year high school when I had my first cellular phone. It was a two-liner black and white phone with a big antenna. It blinked green when the battery is still okay and it blinked red whenever it needs to be recharged. Sim cards were expensive then. it will cost you 500php if I am not mistaken. I was so happy I was one of the few students who had cellular phones then. When I graduated from high school I upgraded my phone to something slim without the big antenna and blinking light.

I went to college and there was the internet. I was never a “techie” person so it didn’t bother me not to have emails and stuff. My cellular phone was enough for me. After a few months there came a social networking site which allows anyone to connect to friends and love ones, exchange messages, upload photos and update profile status. Kudos to my hubby who made my email address I was able to connect through internet.

When I started working I can’t pass a week not to check my social networking site. I really loved browsing the updates of my friends. It made me connected.

Few years later I met a larger networking site. It has become an entity that I will not be shocked if someone would tell me it is involved in the stock market already.

This particular soial networking site has become so solid that most employers will look into the site of the applicants for background checking. So better be careful on the things that you post. The world is watching. As of today, it has become legal in many companies solely for information dissemination because almost everybody is connected.

I can't imagine what will happen next. What will be the next big thing. i just hope we are not exploiting anything with these technological advances.

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