Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Boracay Baby!

I’ve been wanting to go to Boracay since I knew it but expenses kept me at bay. Hotel accomodations are sky rocketing and seems to me overpriced. Even the air fare did not catch my attention since it will cost anyone from 2000php to 7000php just to go there. So I patiently waited for seat sales.

When Philippine Airlines (PAL) offered a seat sale to Kalibo (Klo), I grabbed the opportunity and bought two tickets. The tickets were, I think, cheap.

The next thing we have to settle is the accomodation. I was googling and googling and googling for more for cheap accomodations. If it’s a thousand pesos or more then it will not make into my list. Location doesn’t matter to me anymore. What matters most is the price. The cheapest we can get.

The last thing we need to prepare is the itinerary. What we should do in Boracay. There are a lot of options and we need to qualify each option if it is worth the money. If you are not frugal Boracay will burn your cash in an instant. I was never so lax in my itineraries. I always want it full-packed. But Paul requested a different theme this time. He wanted to feel that he is on vacation and not bother about my “places-to-visit” things. He wanted a relaxation, not an amazing race boracay edition. So, I arranged a very simple itinerary. Most of the time it will allow us to relax and enjoy the place. Anyway, best things in life are free.

~till then

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