Friday, October 22, 2010

On Decluttering

I have noticed myself, for the past two weeks, that I have been accumulating papers on my desk. Loads of paper works pile up every single day. So I want to go back to the basics of decluttering which include 6 simple steps most commonly known as 6S.

1. Sort

There are only two things to consider when sorting. The “I need it box” and the “I don’t need it box.” Everything that needs to go should go. Everything that needs to stay should be checked twice because sometimes we put things there that are not supposed to be there. Always remember that simplicity is the key.

2. Stabilize

Invest on a paper tray. The paper tray should have two levels labeled IN and OUT. The IN should be at the bottom while the OUT should be on top to easily get out-going paper works. For me, OUT tray consists of receipts and presentations that need to be distributed.

3. Shine

Clean up the workplace. Make sure there are no smudges on your desk. It is easier and more pleasant to work when the work area is clean. The mind is at peace and your body is relaxed. Make it a habit to wipe your desk every Friday so that when you go to work the following week you will see a neat place ready to take on the week’s load.

4. Standardize

If you can go color coordinated then it is ok - as long as your office allows it. What am I telling? If you want that your things will have the shade of blue, then do so. That is one way of standardizing things. Another way is to have envelopes in one size and in one color. Label them appropriately and arrange them in alphabetical order. That way you can increase the chance of getting things quick and easy.

5. Sustain

Decluttering is not just for a day. It is a lifestyle. You can also do once a month general cleaning to sustain a clutter free environment.

6. Safety

Make sure that your files are in order and are not blocking any passage. As the saying goes, “Safety first”.

I hope this simple blog inspires you and me on becoming clutter free and organized.

~till then.

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