Saturday, October 30, 2010

Boracay Helmet Diving/ Reef Walking!

This was our first water activity in Boracay. While we were strolling at Station 1 a lady (ate Diding) approached us and asked us if we want to have some water activities. She quoted us 400php each for the helmet diving. She told us it's the lowest we can get since it is already high season since normally it is priced at 500php. Paul and I tested our haggling skills and luckily won the battle of prices. (Yeah we won!) We got the activity at 300php each. Sweet huh!

We walked from Station 1 to Bulabog beach where the activity will take place. Upon arrival we paid for the fee and rode a motorized banca going to a bigger banca where divers await to accompany us. There was a short briefing on what to do and what not to do during the activity. I was scared since it's my first time to submerge in water. I mean really submerge. I never took a diving class nor a swimming class before going to Boracay. I wish i did. What if something goes wrong and the hose that supplies my oxygen is accidentally cut? But what the heck, that's what insurance is for!

We wore a heavy helmet while inside the water. The divers gave us some bread to feed the school of fish. The underwater world is trully amazing it makes me wanna go back to Coron!

Fifteen minutes inside the water felt hours. There was one time when I already want to go up and breathe normally. Nevertheless the experience was great and I will highly recommend this activity to my friends!

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