Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Time is Non-refundable

Time is non-refundable. This is one lesson I learned with my mentors.

One tick: Grade School

One tick: High School

One tick: College

One tick: Working

One tick: Married

One tick: Children

One tick: 50’s (no retirement fund)

One tick: 60’s (still working or is supported by children)

One tick: Death

Did you ever ask yourself, "what happened to my life for the past years?" Am I saving enough money for my family? Am I investing enough for my retirement?

Saving money should not be delayed. It is a responsibility we have to take. It is a must that we save money before it’s too late.

If you will not plan and just let time pass you by then you will probably have the same cycle above.

Most people people don’t plan to fail. They just failed to plan.

~till then

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