Friday, October 8, 2010

Money Doesn't Make a Man

True enough. It is not the most important thing in this world. You can have a simple life without having so much money in your bank account. You can live a day without having a fat wallet. You can survive a week with only a few hundreds in your pocket.

Money can't make a man. It simply cannot. You can be a man or a "manster" depending on how you use it.

Because money simply can't buy happiness. True happiness comes from within. The level of contentment you have determines your happiness.

Happiness means having a meaningful life. A meaningful life means having a life following Jesus. And Jesus's way is becoming a servant. And becoming a servant means sacrificing for others. And sacrificing for others mean enduring all the pain. And these pains will keep you strong as a person. And being a person means being a man.

But sacrificing doesn't mean you have to be poor. Jesus is not poor. It can be manifested by the robe He wore. A priest told me that.

I love brother Bo's quote on money.

He says, "Money is not the most important thing in this world. But money affects the most important things in your life."

For example your health. Health is wealth. You have to take care of yourself. You have to nourish your body with nutritious foods. But we should always remember that most sickness comes when we are old. That is why we have to prepare. Without money you will not be able to go to the hospital and see a doctor.

Having a lot of money doesn't necessarily mean you have to boast about it. If you are wealthy, it is your responsibility to share it.

There are two ways to share. One, give money to the needy. Give donations. Give gifts. But giving doesn't solve the problem. The second way of sharing is teaching them. Teaching other people how to have abundance is better than giving them money. Donations can only last for a few days while education can give them lifetime abundance.

Do not be a slave of money. Always remember that money is not your boss. Spend some time to execute a financial plan but don't overdo it. Your time should be well spent. Time lost is lost forever. Time should be spent with the most important things in your life - your family, friends and of course God.

Money is just a tool in accomplishing your financial goals. But it cannot determine you as a person.

Man should be the boss. He makes financial decisions. He makes the calls. Money should follow him. Money should move according to his decisions. It should not be the other way around.

See? Money cannot make a man. Because it is man who makes money.

~till then

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