Saturday, October 30, 2010

Personal Order (Being good stewards of God’s Gifts)

A lecture/kwentuhan with Lingkodmates.

Everybody has a role to play.

  • You are a sister or a brother in a community.
  • You are a daughter or a son and/or a sibling of your family.
  • You are a worker in an organization.
  • And of course you are a child of God.

What do these four roles have in common? Have you taught about it?Okay, enough of the guessing game. The answer is RELATIONSHIP.

We build relationship in a community, in the family, in the organization/workplace and of course with God. More than anything else, we should build these relationships for the betterment of our totality as a person and as a child of God.

What does my introduction have to do with personal order?

Before that we should define what an ORDER is.

Order is a condition wherein there is a place for everything and everything is in its proper place. It is a condition, which there is a methodical, proper and harmonious arrangement of disposition of a thing.

Imagine your cabinet/closet. Is it in order or not? Are your clothes arranged properly or not? How do you arrange it? Is it arranged by color or by size? Are the shirts neatly folded-up or not? Are the socks in proper place? Are those belts hanging loosely from the pants you wore the day before? Are the shoes neatly placed on the shoe rack? Can you find something quickly? If somebody opens your cabinet, will he/she be able to find something quickly?

My friend, that is one way of defining personal order.

But why do we need order?

We need order so that we can perform to the fullest and we can do what God wanted us to do in life. Order is reflective of God’s character. God is a God of Order. God created us in an orderly manner. He created our eyes on top of the head so that our vision is not hindered. He created our nose on top of our mouth so we can smell the food before we eat it. He created our ears in a manner where we can hear on both sides, left and right.

If you want something to happen but did not happen as you wished it to be is because you are pertaining to YOUR time and not in God’s time. There is always time for everything…(Ecclesiastes 3:1-8)

We need order because we want to grow in three (3) Christian qualities.

  • Generosity
  • Faithfulness
  • Peace

Generosity means we are able to give to the needy.

Faithfulness means we are trustworthy servants of God.

Peace means we are able to live not of disorder.

What are the important areas to put order in?

  • Time and relationship
  • Treasure, Money and Things
  • Talents

Time and Relationship

Time is gold. No human being can ever bring back lost time. So be careful on how you spend it. Relationship is associated with time because relationship grows with time. You need to spend sometime with those persons you want to have relationship with. You also need to spend time with God so that you can reflect on what your true purpose is.

Treasure, Money and Things

Everything in this world is from God. He owns it. We are just borrowing it. So be careful on how you handle your finances because when judgement day comes you are accountable on how you spend the gifts he gave you.


Show your talents because they are gifts from God. Nurture and hone them for the glory of the Creator. He gave you talents to share it with other people so don’t hide them.

Here are the principles I learned from my friend’s talk:

  • We are merely stewards of our resources. Be very careful on how you handle resources.
  • We must seek God’s wisdom and timing in all our work. All in God’s time
  • We must trust God and see Him work. Be a faithful servant of God.
  • Seek advise from elders. A very good sign of humility is seeking for advice if you really can’t handle the situation any longer.
  • Learn from mistakes, be patient and willing to do it over again. Your emotional intelligence is put to test in this principle.
  • Be simple in priorities, take away the clutter. Set your priorities, focus on them and drop those nonsense.
  • Be hardworking but know your limits. Give your best in everything you do.

Here are some practical tips you can apply.

On Time and Relationship

  • Buy a planner and actually USE IT!
  • Schedule the important things before they become urgent.
  • Live one square at a time. Don’t overstress yourself on your upcoming schedules. Focus on “today” but plan for tomorrow.

On Treasure, Money and Things

  • Use the 10-10-10 Principle. (10% tithes, 10% savings and 10% emergency fund)
  • Always remember this, “The virtue of temperance disposes us to avoid every kind of excess.”
  • If you have two (2) coats, one of them belongs to the poor.

On Talents

  • Discover your talents.
  • Do not be afraid of failure.
  • Ask God to let you see where to serve Him.

As a conclusion, everything that we have comes from God. We are responsible to whatever He gives us properly and accordingly to his will. We must be patient; wait for the Lord. We must NOT go ahead of Him. He is faithful and He will fulfill our heart’s desire.

~till then

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